Welcome to the psyCommons

To explore the proposal that there is a psyCommons, a common pool resource consisting of our ordinary wisdom and shared power.

Facilitating commons formation, participation and governance.
Identifying and rolling back enclosures of the psyCommons

My perspective
I’m an internationally published author, therapist, commoner, and activist. (and also grandfather, musician and artist).

Who is it for?
Anyone who seeks viable ways of organizing their lifework other than through definitions by the market and the state.

Important distinctions:
I presently see the psyCommons as ‘a common pool resource’ made up of the countless conversations, requests, objections and gossip that oil the wheels of our daily life, its medium is rapport, and its social product is our learning from experience.

I try to reserve ‘commons’ for actual social arrangements where people get together and agree on aims, assemble assets and resources and sign up to commons structure and governance. Locally this is likely to mean teams or groups, and networks of people united by a common aim, fitness, losing weight, political activism, spirituality, open source software, and the arts, music, theatre, dance etc.

Alongside this I recognize that there are many instances of grass root initiatives in transition from market and state dominance, that are leaning in the direction of commons but perhaps unaware of the value of organizing themselves as commons.

psyCommons Origins
My decades of resistance via the eIpnosis web-site to the professionalization of the psychological therapies in the UK, led to a creative breakthrough – the psyCommons – identifying and celebrating the ordinary wisdom and shared power of the human condition.

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